Toonami App

Client: Adult Swim  Agency: B-Reel

Role: User–Experience, Interface–Design

Adult Swim approached B-Reel in 2014 about creating a new Toonami app – just for the fans. Being a Toonami fan myself, I fell head over heels for the project.

Our ask was two fold, first and foremost create an app for the fans. Second create an app that helped build a sense of community. Using the AI “SARA” from the Toonami Universe, we conceptualized around how she might offer and extend a Toonami fan’s inclusion. From standard AI functions, to helping power Toonami itself.

Our hero experience in the app tied all Toonami fans together. By tapping the screen at the same time, all fans were rewarded with points as they leveled up their Toonami app.

Each user’s app had the potential to level up 25,765 levels, and the first to do so would receive a physical reward from Toonami. Due to the generative nature of the level system / emblem, the task required millions of points to complete.

Toonami fans being Toonami fans. The first users completed the task within a few weeks.

Each piece of the app received love and attention regardless of its hierarchical placement within the app. As part of a nimble small team, I was responsible for every aspect of the UX and design. Working closely with Motion and Development, the rest of the creative team, and the client, to craft Toonami’s first app for the fans.

For the lifespan of the app, we generated over 100,000 downloads across Android and iOS, 4.3 stars on both platforms, and expanded the Toonami Universe and design language.

Wes Falik

Vincent Lowe
Eric Margusity
Seth Hulewat

Kyle Phillips
Lucas Dupin
Theo Strahlen