Sidewalk Labs

Client: Sidewalk Labs  Agency: B-Reel

Role: UX, Design, Motion, Dev

Sidewalk Labs is a brand on the bleeding edge of an industrial revolution within our cities. Our team was tasked with creating a website for all levels of brand awareness, that demonstrates how Sidewalk Labs is a thought leader for cities of the future.

Deriving from their original visual language, we created a system that celebrates the multitude of fields that Sidewalk Labs explores through their internal labs.

In addition to products, the LABs put out articles on a weekly basis to engage urbanists and technologists alike in their research. We wanted to provide a way to hero the articles, and make them beautiful, shareable works for anyone who may be interested.

As the primary designer, I found myself working on all aspects of the site, and closely collaborating with our design director on the perfect approach to Sidewalk Lab’s visual and messaging challenges.

To help create and share the story of Sidewalk Labs, we also crafted a short filmic interactive experience. Touching on the problems of modern cities, and introducing Sidewalk Labs' perspective. This is the first touchpoint for new users to the Sidewalk Labs narrative.

Ryan Leong

Vincent Lowe
Eric Margusity

Anton Wöll Soder
Sang Shin
Eric Margusity

Adam Hartwig
Simon Corompt
Eric Margusity